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Piven recommends 'Ari Gold therapy'

Entourage star Jeremy Piven says he recommends the introduction of "Ari Gold therapy", as playing the temper tantrum-throwing agent leaves him feeling at peace.

The cast of the hit show, Piven, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara, brought their swagger to the blue carpet in London's Leicester Square tonight for the UK premiere of the new big screen spin-off.

Grenier stars as actor Vincent Chase who is still trying to negotiate the cut-throat world of Hollywood with the help of his crew and his agent, Ari Gold (Piven).

Piven admitted a day playing Ari is not great for his blood pressure. The Mr Selfridge star said: "Oh I'm completely tapped out, but in a great way. You feel like you've done 15 rounds, but that's the only way to play him."

But he added his character's ferocious anger does not rub off on him.

Piven said: "The amazing thing, and I suggest it for anyone, to inhabit a character that is such a drama queen that they will throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat, maybe there could be a place where people could just go and break computers and break phones, 'cause it's very cathartic.

"The only people that hated me during the series was our prop guys, 'cause I cost them a lot of money.

"I don't know what happens between action and cut. I just go bananas."

The film, written and directed by show creator Doug Ellin, is produced by Mark Wahlberg who came up with the idea for the series, inspired by his own experiences as a small town boy from Boston starting out as a movie star.

Grenier admitted that after years playing actor Vincent Chase, the lines between himself and the character had become blurred.

"I have two names now - you call me Vince and I'll answer," he said. "But it's an honour to play a role that inspires so many people to take risks and strive for the best."

All the cast admitted they would love to make a sequel to the movie, and Kevin Connolly insisted they were much more than friends.

He said: "We're more than that, we're like stapled, we're together forever, we're brothers. We're brothers until the bitter end."

Entourage opens in UK cinemas on Friday June 19.


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