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Planes star Bowen's animated angst

Julie Bowen has revealed she had no idea what she was doing when she took on an animated role in a new Disney movie.

The Modern Family actress stepped into the sound booth to record the voice of rescue plane Dipper in Planes 2: Fire And Rescue, but said she had not realised what a challenge it would be.

Speaking on the red carpet at the world premiere of the film in Los Angeles, the mother-of-three said: "I did it because it was from that Cars universe and I knew it was a big warm embrace, they don't make mistakes over there, but when I got in there and started doing it I realised I didn't have a clue.

"I thought: 'This isn't going to be fun because I don't know what I am doing', but they were wonderful and let me have so much fun and run around in circles and scream and yell and act like a chicken and it was great."

Julie said her three young sons were particularly excited that she is now immortalised as a toy plane and recalled her own favourite toys from her childhood.

"We had little horses, I desperately wanted a horse and that was not on the menu so we had horses with stiff rubber legs that you could kind of articulate a little bit but that was it. My horses had names and stories and families, it was the closest I was going to get to a real one."

Comedian Dane Cook reprises his role of Dusty Crophopper for the sequel, which sees his character take on the new challenge of firefighting when his racing days are threatened by engine damage.

Asked about his favourite childhood toys, the funnyman said: "I had a lot of Star Wars toys when I was a kid - Star Wars and GI Joe - and I would play with them for hours and it informs me even today when I'm working on animation alone in the booth because it brings out that fantastical 'what if?' side of you, so that is my early memory of playing in the backyard."

Planes 2: Fire And Rescue is released in Scotland on August 1 and across the rest of the country on August 8.


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