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Plot twist leaves Line Of Duty fans scratching their heads

Is Thandie Newton’s character a killer?

Line Of Duty fans have been left scratching their heads after a big twist in the latest instalment.

The first episode of the fourth series of the police drama ended on a cliffhanger when it returned last week, when newcomer DCI Roz Huntley (Thandie Newton) appeared to have been killed in a struggle with forensics co-ordinator Tim Ifield (Jason Watkins).

But in Sunday night’s follow-up on BBC One, Huntley waltzed back into the office – and Ifield was found murdered.

Viewers were left wondering how the officer escaped, given that she was last seen lying on the floor with Ifield set to dismember her with a chainsaw.

Viewers were impressed with Thandie’s portrayal of the character’s transformation from diligent officer to a woman capable of murder and corruption.

Many also confessed to being on Huntley’s side regardless of whether she turns out to be a baddie.

“idc if thandie newton killed the forensics guy im still rooting for her!” insisted one viewer.


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