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Poesy: Caine youngest actor I know

Clemence Poesy has declared Sir Michael Caine "the youngest actor I know" after working with him on their new film.

The Harry Potter star and the 78-year-old actor recently worked together on new drama Mr Morgan's Last Love.

Clemence said: "He's amazing. He's the youngest actor I know!

"He's kept the sparkle in his eyes and he's very playful and he's incredibly kind and generous and it was a real treat."

The French star added: "It's called Mr Morgan's Last Love and Michael Caine is Mr Morgan and I guess I'm the last love!

"It's all very platonic, but I think it's two people that are a bit lost at two different stages of their lives and find in one another a friend and something that makes them hold on to life a little bit.

"We finished filming before Christmas. It was really fun."

Clemence plays a young Parisian woman in the film, who befriends retired and widowed American philosophy professor Mr Morgan.


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