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Poots couldn't drive before Speed

Imogen Poots has revealed she had never driven a car when she signed up for Need For Speed.

The British actress embarked on an intensive crash course in handling vehicles before filming began, where she learnt the basics of stunt driving alongside co-stars Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper.

"I turned up without a driving licence... It was a bit of a problem, especially in the first rehearsal when everyone gets given their cars for the movie and I gave mine to Dominic and said, 'Don't tell anyone but uh-oh'," she admitted at the film's Hollywood premiere.

Imogen, who wore a Grecian-style powder-blue gown by Nina Ricci, enjoyed being the sole female on the set of Scott Waugh's big-screen adaptation of the popular racing game.

"It had its challenges but it was cool seeing the stunts happen first-hand and watching the camaderie between these guys," she added.

While the cast got to drive fast American muscle machines and European hypercars on set, real life didn't always imitate art.

Aaron, who portrays vengeful street racer Tobey Marshall, said: "My first car (was my worst), but I loved it so much. It was an '82 Toyota Corolla, faded gold, paint chipping away but I didn't really come from much and the fact that my parents bought that for me at 16 was so huge.

"Any time it rained, the trunk filled up with water, I had to switch from first to third gear because second gear would grind, but I loved that car. Any time I see one driving down the street, it brings such incredible fond memories."

Dominic, who plays Tobey's nemesis Dino Brewster, added: "I once had a Renault that had the engine put in the wrong way... and an Austin Healey Sprite that had no lights and a hole in the fuel tank."

Need For Speed races into UK cinemas on March 12.


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