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Portman swings for Loki in Thor 2

Tom Hiddleston has revealed he was on the receiving end of Natalie Portman's right hook while filming the latest Thor movie.

Tom plays god of mischief Loki in the blockbusting series and he was greeted by rapturous cheers when film fans got a first peek at scenes from Thor: The Dark World at Disney fan convention, the D23 Expo, in Anaheim, California.

Speaking after the presentation, Tom said the violent stunts in the film got a little close for comfort.

"She gives good punch, she's got a good right hook. She did get me but it was quite funny, in this one moment we both rather enjoyed it."

Dressed in a chic navy blue dress, Natalie said she wasn't quite as tough as Tom claims. "That's very generous of him," she said. "I think I missed him a few times before I got him.

"We had to do that a lot, much to his detriment. I actually punched him a few times, I totally missed him a few times. I don't have a great right hook in real life."

One thing both stars agreed on is how spectacular the next outing for the gods will be. Tom, 32, said: "You're going to be in Asgard certainly, you're going to be in London without question, which is very exciting for me as a native, you're also going to be in a realm of Svartalfheim and that translates as home of the dark elves.

"It is set between these different worlds and it just has a massive, epic scale, a huge dimension. Our location for Svartalfheim was in Iceland and we were shooting on this desert of black sand on top of a volcano and it felt like a homecoming for the characters.

"Chris Hemsworth was standing there in his cape with his hammer, as Thor the god of thunder and I was standing next to him as Loki, the god of mischief on the very turf and terrain that invented these gods and characters. The location was like the north coast of Scotland times 10.

Natalie, who plays Jane Foster in the star-studded movies, added: "It's pretty incredible to get to be in Asgard because they have these incredible sets, columns that go up to the sky and dresses that are of hand printed silk, it's really incredible craftsmanship that went into creating this world so it wasn't hard to pretend I was in awe."

The movie will be out in the UK in the autumn.


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