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Portman's a dream date for Goss

Natalie Portman would be Luke Goss' dream leading lady, the actor has revealed.

Having starred alongside Selma Blair and Michelle Yeoh, the Blood Out star now hopes to work with the Black Swan Oscar winner.

"My dream co-star would be Natalie Portman, just because I love her acting. She is very believable," the actor said.

"There are many great actresses out there that are about honesty and not vanity. So it's just a case of who is the right person for the job - as long as she is a brunette."

The 43-year-old would also like the opportunity to collaborate with his Blood Out co-star Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson again.

"I was really impressed with Curtis. I would love to work with him again. He's fairly new to film, but he's cool," he said.

Luke - who has made his name in action movies like Blade II, Death Race 2 and Tekken - would like to show his romantic side more.

"I did One Night With The King in India. It was truly an out-and-out love story, it was beautiful. I love doing that stuff. Where can I sign up?" he joked.

:: Blood Out is out on DVD and Blu-ray now.


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