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Poulter thrilled to work with Jen

Will Poulter has said he can't believe his luck in getting to work with his childhood idol Jennifer Aniston.

British actor Will, 20, stars in comedy We're The Millers with the former Friends actress, Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts, and was full of praise for them.

He said: "I admire Jason massively, Saturday Night Live, every movie he's been in he's been incredible, so I'm so glad he's playing the lead role because he truly is a leading man.

"Jennifer Aniston is someone I grew up watching, like everyone here pretty much. If you don't know who Jennifer Aniston is you've probably never had a cheeseburger, so it's amazing to be part of this cast, I can't quite believe it."

The Chronicles Of Narnia actor plays a boy called Kenny in his new comedy, who pretends to be the son of Jennifer and Jason's characters and the brother of Emma's in a bid to pull off a massive drug deal.

Will's character ends up kissing both Jennifer and Emma in the film, which he said was a surreal experience.

He said: "I couldn't really believe it. I was thinking, 'Lucky Kenny.' The kid doesn't half go through it in the movie, but once he kisses them it's like, ah well, actually you know what, you don't feel so sorry for the kid.

"It was definitely awkward. More awkward for Jen and Emma, but it was awkward."


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