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Pregnant Alyson at Reunion premiere

Alyson Hannigan showed off her baby bump in tight green dress at the Los Angeles premiere of American Reunion.

The heavily pregnant actress, who reprises her role as 'one time, at band camp' Michelle in the film, posed alongside her co-stars including Mena Suvari, Chris Klein and Tara Reid at the event.

And Alyson, whose character on TV series How I Met Your Mother, Lily, is also expecting a baby, said she was enjoying not having to hide her pregnancy on screen.

"It's been fun," she said. "Lily is a little bit further along than I am, so I have had to wear some padding, which is a little strange, to put a bump on a bump, but it's been great."

The movie reunites cast members more than a decade after the American Pie films which made them famous.

But Thomas Ian Nicholas, who plays Kevin, admitted that age hadn't necessarily made the actors behave better.

"The atmosphere was probably even more immature on this set than it was on any of the other American Pie films," he laughed.

"I think we've known each other a long time, and you know, when you're young, you try to act mature and beyond your years, and when you reach those years, you look back upon your youth and you try to relive it."

Chris, who plays Oz, added: "I can neither confirm or deny that my cast has either matured or immatured 13 years later."


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