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Quaid couple in third court no-show

Randy Quaid and his wife have failed to appear in court for the third time in two weeks.

The actor and wife Evi were scheduled to attend Santa Barbara Superior Court for an arraignment on felony vandalism charges but did not show - resulting in an arrest warrant for Evi, who also forfeited 500,000 dollar bail.

The judge agreed to hold off on issuing a warrant for Randy's arrest until November 16 so that he could attend a Canadian immigration proceeding next week.

The couple have been in Canada seeking asylum from a mysterious syndicate they've dubbed "Hollywood star-whackers".

The pair's lawyer, Robert Sanger, acknowledged that there is talk of bounty hunters pursuing his clients.

Sanger told the judge that Evi didn't appear in court because she didn't want to leave her husband alone.

In September 2009, the Quaids were accused of defrauding an innkeeper of more than 10,000 dollars. The money was repaid, and the case was finally resolved in April, but not until after several missed court appearances, warrants and the couple ending up in handcuffs.

The actor was cleared in the innkeeper case, while his wife pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor and was placed on three years probation.

Then in September, the Quaids were at their former home in Santa Barbara.

Deputies were called and arrested the couple on suspicion of illegally squatting in the guest house. The damage they allegedly caused scared the home's current owners, who sought and were granted temporary restraining orders against the actor and his wife.


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