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Quarter of Northern Ireland people feel they're shown poorly on TV

By Sherna Noah

A quarter of people surveyed in Northern Ireland feel its people are negatively portrayed on TV, regulator Ofcom has said.

It comes as the watchdog said the BBC will have to spend the same on programmes per head in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales under new plans outlined by Ofcom.

The watchdog becomes the first independent, external regulator of the BBC on April 3, under the new Royal Charter.

Ofcom said it wants "all parts of the UK to be reflected, and invested in, by the BBC". "So we are introducing minimum quotas for each UK nation," it said.

Ofcom chief executive Sharon White said of plans to increase diversity on BBC shows: "When we spoke to viewers, one fifth of those in Scotland and a quarter in Northern Ireland said they felt negatively portrayed on TV.

"People from a minority group - whether a distinct region of the country, or a particular ethnicity - felt they were neutrally portrayed at best, or negatively at worst."

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