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Queen meets Narnia stars in snow

Liam Neeson and Simon Pegg joined the young stars of The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader to greet the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at the film's Royal world premiere in London's Leicester Square.

Irish actor Liam, who reads the voice of Aslan, and Simon, who voices the warrior mouse Reepicheep, both dressed in tuxedos as they stood in the line-up with the rest of the cast and were introduced the Queen and Prince Philip.

Liam said: "I'm told the Queen doesn't see many movies, nor her husband, but they're coming tonight and that's pretty special."

The Queen braved snowy conditions to attend the premiere and donned a pair of 3D glasses to watch the film, the third of the fantasy series based on the children's novels by C S Lewis.

The wintry weather in the Square mimicked that of the first Narnia film, The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, and snow fell on the heads of stars who arrived on the red carpet.

The Queen met the film's stars and last year's X Factor winner Joe McElderry, who sings on the film's soundtrack.

Joe said: "I respect the Royal Family very much, so to meet the Queen was fantastic.

"The song is a big epic ballad, it's a really emotional song. I sang it to the crowd outside and it went down really well."

The film, directed by Michael Apted, features 15-year-old Georgie Henley, from Ilkley, West Yorkshire, who plays Lucy Pevensie, and Skandar Keynes, 19, who plays Edmund Pevensie.

Georgie curtsied to the Queen and said: "It is lovely to meet you, Ma'am."


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