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Queen role would suit Dame Helen

Dame Helen Mirren has admitted she would like to live like the Queen. But it is not the pomp and ceremony that attracts her, it is wearing a wax jacket to walk her Corgis in the countryside.

The 69-year-old actress won an Oscar for her portrayal of Elizabeth II in 2006 film The Queen and is currently starring as the British monarch in The Audience on Broadway.

Dame Helen revealed if she was not an actress, the only other job she can see herself doing is that of the Queen.

She said of acting: "It's the only thing I could imagine doing, honestly, I think.

"I mean, maybe I would have been happy like the Queen, living on a farm, far from anywhere, lots of horses, dogs and children all running around, mucking in, getting grubby. Those are the lines I say in the play.

"But I guess I could imagine doing that, yes I could. I love gardening, I love the countryside, I love the British climate. I love all of that."

Dame Helen will celebrate her 70th birthday in July, but she is not thinking about the milestone birthday.

She insisted: "I never think about that. The day before yesterday was a milestone, every day is a milestone, every day. So the fact that it's this particular day as opposed to a week's time to me is totally irrelevant, you just roll on through life."

Dame Helen's latest film Woman In Gold opens in cinemas today.


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