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Radcliffe empowered by devil guise

Daniel Radcliffe has said he found looking like the devil in new film Horns to be an empowering experience.

The Harry Potter actor stars in the upcoming horror as a man who sprouts horns on his head after his girlfriend mysteriously dies, and admitted he had initially been worried about wearing the prosthetics.

He said: "The horns were great to have on. In fact I was really worried about the prosthetics going into that movie because I'd had experiences with them before that were tough. But this one, the guys that did it, Mike McCarthy and Mike Fields were my prosthetic make-up artists, and they made my life so easy.

"They were amazing, the work they did was brilliant, and there's something incredibly empowering about looking like the devil all day. It makes you feel strong, it's good."

Daniel stars alongside Juno Temple and the cast of Horns, released in cinemas on October 31, also includes Heather Graham and Max Minghella.

He can next be seen in the rom com What If, due to be released in cinemas on August 20.


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