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Radcliffe: Grown-up role was fine

Daniel Radcliffe has said he wasn't daunted about making the transition from boy wizard in Harry Potter to a widower and father in his latest movie.

The actor, who shot to fame when he was picked to play Harry aged 11, stars as lawyer Arthur Kipps in new thriller The Woman In Black.

Daniel, 22, said he "didn't really think" about moving from a young role to a grown-up one.

"That probably made it easier, but I think when people see me, I look very different in The Woman In Black, so I don't think people will be thinking, 'Why isn't he wearing a schoolboy outfit?' too much.

"I'm excited for people to see it now, it's a very scary, very beautiful, really classy British horror movie and I think people are really going to like it."

After the release of The Woman In Black on February 10, Daniel is set to play poet Allen Ginsberg in thriller Kill Your Darlings, which also stars Elizabeth Olsen and Jack Huston.


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