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Radcliffe: Scene tamer than Equus

Daniel Radcliffe has insisted his gay love scene in Kill Your Darlings isn't as risque as his role on stage in Equus.

The former Harry Potter star plays late Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, who gets intimate with another man in the indie drama.

But Daniel, 24, said the scene is "tame" compared to his 2007 West End stage part.

He told US talk show host Katie Couric: "There was full-frontal nudity. And I played a boy who had a sort of sexual-religious fascination with a horse.

"So the fact that this is getting more attention, it's kind of interesting. This is tame by comparison!"

However, the actor admitted he understands why the scene has generated such interest.

"It's quite an easy headline, I guess particularly for British papers... there's a lot of jokes to be made," he said.


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