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Radcliffe wants to star as Iggy Pop

Daniel Radcliffe has revealed he wants to play Iggy Pop on the big screen.

The Harry Potter star believes he shares some physical attributes with the punk icon and thinks he would be the right choice to portray him in a film about his life, according to reports.

The actor - a big fan of punk music - has been quoted as telling American radio host Eric J Lawrence: "We've got a similar, gnarly sort of, slightly strange skinny bodies."

Daniel, 25, is obviously looking for diverse parts, as earlier this week he also expressed an interest in playing a superhero.

The Independent reported that when he was speaking to London Live at the premiere for his movie What If, Daniel said: "Who wouldn't want to do a superhero film?

"I went to Comic Con the other day dressed as Spider-Man purely out of childish wish fulfilment as wanting to be Spider-Man my entire life.

"Absolutely I'd do a superhero film, it'd be great fun."