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Radcliffe's struggles with snakes

Daniel Radcliffe has revealed how a missing snake gave the Horns cast and crew a fright, after it gave them the slip.

The former Harry Potter star had to grapple with 100 snakes while he was shooting Alexandre Aja's supernatural thriller - but had to turn hunter when one of the reptiles escaped.

"It was quite tense. We were bringing exotic snakes into Canada and letting them all loose. We had 100 snakes and we had to leave with 100," he told Total Film.

"We were filming in a place with so many nooks and crannies for snakes to get away that we spent about half an hour after we finished filming that night looking for the last snake... It had hidden itself under the fire to stay warm!"

Daniel, 24, plays a man who develops a pair of horns on his head, which cause people to fall into a trance and unravel their biggest secrets, in the big-screen adaptation of Joe Hill's novel of the same name. Juno Temple plays his girlfriend.

The actor admitted that filming Horns has given him a new appreciation for snakes.

"I actually loved snakes in the end. For the last third of the movie I have a 6ft python wrapped around me - which is the greatest prop any actor has ever had," he said.

Horns is headed to the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival in September, where it will have its world premiere as part of the Vanguard category. Daniel is also expected to attend the red carpet for the romantic comedy The F Word.


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