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Radzi Chinyanganya, Caprice Bourret and Lucrezia Millarini talk Dancing On Ice

They are among the six contestants preparing to face the judges for the first time this Sunday.

Dancing On Ice stars Ben Hanlin, Lisa George, Libby Clegg, Perri Kiely, Joe Swash, Lucrezia Millarini, Caprice, Trisha Goddard, Kevin Kilbane, Maura Higgins, Ian ‘H’ Watkins and Radzi Chinyanganya (ITV)
Dancing On Ice stars Ben Hanlin, Lisa George, Libby Clegg, Perri Kiely, Joe Swash, Lucrezia Millarini, Caprice, Trisha Goddard, Kevin Kilbane, Maura Higgins, Ian ‘H’ Watkins and Radzi Chinyanganya (ITV)

By Alex Green, PA Entertainment Reporter

Former Blue Peter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya has said Dancing On Ice is one of the scariest things he has done – despite having gone skydiving and scaled the world’s largest climbing wall.

Alongside his professional skating partner Jessica Hatfield, Chinyanganya is one of six contestants preparing to face the judges on this Sunday’s show.

He said that despite his exploits as a children’s TV presenter, Dancing On Ice remained a daunting prospect.

Radzi Chinyanganya and his professional partner Jessica Hatfield (Matt Frost/ITV)

He said: “I have been lucky enough to jump out of a plane on a solo sky dive, I’ve climbed the world’s tallest man-made climbing wall in Switzerland, so I love adrenaline.

“This is a very different type of adrenaline. Jumping out of a plane is about finding the courage to do it, but this is about committing to something knowing that it could go pear shaped, not so much in a dangerous way but in a humiliating way, and that for me is the scariest element of it.

“That you can look unbelievably stupid in front of millions of people.”

Chinyanganya stepped in at the last minute to replace TV personality Michael Barrymore, who had to pull out of the series after he broke his wrist in a fall.

He said of his late entry: “If I’m honest I’m not ready for it because I had written off any chance of being part of the show.

“This last week has been like a whirlwind. I’ve already lost my voice. Getting a place in the show was a bolt from the blue, replacing the legend that is Michael Barrymore.

“I’m just accepting whatever is thrown at me and whatever is asked of me. You get one chance to dance on ice, and when it comes your way you grab it by both horns and you try to hang on.”

Six contestants skated for the judges during last Sunday’s launch, with the remaining six taking part this weekend.

Lucrezia Millarini with her professional partner Brendyn Hatfield (Matt Frost/ITV)

Love Island star Maura Higgins, ITV presenter Lucrezia Millarini, model and businesswoman Caprice Bourret, blind Paralympic champion Libby Clegg and retired footballer Kevin Kilbane will all also make their debuts in front of the judges on Sunday.

TV regular Millarini said her biggest fear about competing was taking a tumble in front of the studio audience.

Last Sunday chat show host Trisha Goddard ended up in the skate-off after becoming the first contestant to fall this series.

“My biggest fear has to be falling over, but it’s going to happen,” Millarini said.

“I’m not operating under any illusions there, I know I’m going to fall. I think once I get the first fall out of the way and first few bruises then I will be good to go.

Caprice Bourret and her professional partner Hamish Gaman (Matt Frost/ITV)

American businesswoman, model and TV personality Bourret said she hoped the rigorous training regime would rid her of her cellulite.

“I want to get rid of my cellulite so badly,” she said.

“God has a sense of humour after you have kids. You get fat and cellulite in the weirdest places.

“You are exercising every single day and that I haven’t been doing since having kids. I’m excited about getting into shape again.”

Bourret is hoping for another go at British reality TV after being forced to pull out of Channel 4’s winter sports show The Jump in 2017, when she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour.

Dancing On Ice hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield (Ian West/PA)

She added: “I think my strengths are I really believe that the harder you work the luckier you get.

“You have to work and you will get a result. There is no easy way around this.

“It’s not just a popularity game. I am going to work hard, I’m doing it for mums and for 48-year-old women who have careers and kids.

“My weakness is getting past that first live show. Once I do it and I get a feel for it, I’ll be OK.”

Dancing On Ice continues on ITV on Sunday at 6pm.



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