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Rampling and Courtenay swap Norfolk for LA as 45 Years is honoured

Charlotte Rampling and Sir Tom Courtenay swapped the Norfolk countryside for the glamour of Hollywood as they were honoured at a Los Angeles film festival.

They star in 45 Years, about a retired childless couple who rethink their lives together after receiving shattering news just before their 45th wedding anniversary.

They both won prestigious Silver Bear acting prizes at the Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year and scored rave reviews when the film opened in the UK in August.

The plaudits continued when the American Film Institute hosted a tribute to the pair at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood ahead of a screening of the drama at AFI Fest.

Speaking on the red carpet before the tribute, Sir Tom said the film, set against a bleak Norfolk landscape, forced him to think about his own mortality.

"The character and me are very close, at my time of life you don't want to put on funny noses and funny voices, I think you want to be yourself because you have earned the right to be yourself after 78 years, or 77 years when we did it."

He added: "When I read the screenplay it made a very deep impression on me, I have never had something this good just come out of the blue."

Rampling, 69, said the film also prompted her own contemplation of mortality: "The buttons this film pushes are all about that, all the things you haven't been thinking about because you can't.

"We are in denial about a lot of subjects in our lives because we have to carry on living, we have to survive, we can't keep heaving up all these memories that we can't handle and this film is about the gap that is opened.

Rampling added that she was also drawn to roles that were close to her own experience.


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