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Ramsay in box office nightmare

Gordon Ramsay's film debut in romantic comedy Love's Kitchen has failed to whet audiences' appetites after it flopped at the box office.

The film - which stars Dougray Scott as a former top chef trying to revive his career by opening a gastro pub in the country, and sees Gordon make a cameo as his friend and advisor - has taken taken just £121 in its opening weekend, The Independent reports.

This means approximately 17 people paid to see it, as the film apparently took an average of just £24 across each of the five cinemas it played at.

In the film, Dougray's real life wife Claire Forlani, star of Meet Joe Black, plays a food reviewer he falls in love with.

Gordon appears as himself after reading the bad reviews for his friend's restaurant and tells him to sort it out.

Love's Kitchen has now earned a string of its own bad reviews and is set to go straight to DVD on July 11th.


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