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Randy Quaid misses another hearing


Randy and Evi Quaid again failed to appear in court

Randy and Evi Quaid again failed to appear in court

Randy and Evi Quaid again failed to appear in court

Randy Quaid and his wife remain fugitives from a California court after the couple failed to appear for their arraignment on felony vandalism charges for the fourth time.

Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Donna Geck refused to schedule a new court date for the couple, instead leaving their arrest warrants active.

Randy and Evi Quaid have already forfeited more than one million dollars in bail for their slew of missed appearances.

Randy's attorney, Robert Sanger, told the judge that Canadian authorities had confiscated the actor's passport. The Quaids are seeking asylum there, claiming they fear a group they've dubbed the "Hollywood star-whackers".

"Mr Quaid has had multiple occasions to appear on this matter prior to his passport being taken," Geck said.

The Quaids are accused of causing more than 5,000 dollars in damage to the guesthouse of a home they once owned and were allegedly squatting in when they were arrested in September. The current owners are seeking a lengthy restraining order against the Quaids, but a hearing scheduled for Tuesday was continued until December 28 because the couple had not been served.

Sanger said he hoped the Quaids would eventually return to resolve the case without being re-arrested.

"This is something that has become much larger than life," Sanger said. "I think Randy Quaid has been a very significant actor in the course of his career. I would like to see him get back and get this taken care of."

Randy Quaid is due back in a Canadian immigration court on November 23.