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Rapace: Farrell film's a dream role

Noomi Rapace has revealed her upcoming film with Colin Farrell is "a dream role".

The Swedish actress, who has been branching out into English-speaking parts after achieving fame in the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo film, will be starring opposite the Irish heartthrob in the new thriller Dead Man Down.

Noomi said: "I'm going to do this movie with Colin Farrell and the script is amazing. I was reading that script on the plane back from Los Angeles and that feels like a dream role.

"I always fall in love with my characters."

In the movie, directed by original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo director Niels Arden Oplev, Colin will play a hitman who falls for a disfigured ex-beauty queen, played by Noomi.

The pair launch a violent spree in revenge against Colin's character's mobster employers.


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