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Rebecca Ferguson in backgammon battle with Greatest Showman co-star Hugh Jackman

The pair send each other videos of their games.

Rebecca Ferguson (Ian West/PA)
Rebecca Ferguson (Ian West/PA)

Rebecca Ferguson has revealed she is still in a hotly contested backgammon competition with her Greatest Showman co-star Hugh Jackman.

The duo both starred in the 2017 box office juggernaut and have been embroiled in a board game competition ever since.

She told the Press Association: “I still write to Hugh a lot, my husband and I, we have competitions in backgammon at home in the mornings, we will do a timelapse video and send to Hugh because he plays backgammon with his wife.

Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborah Lee Furness (Aurore Marechal/PA)

“The competition is on, who can do the quickest set, the quickest game, on camera.

“He actually owes us a video, just saying.”

The actress also shared her delight that the soundtrack from the film has gone on to tremendous chart success, equalling Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’s record for weeks spent at number one – after spending 28 non-consecutive weeks in the top spot.

The cast recording of the box office hit needs just one more week to topple the Beatles’ eighth studio album, which logged 28 weeks at the top between its release in June 1967 and February 1968.

She said: “Oh my God. Sometimes I pretend like I don’t know things and I let you tell me things, I actually did not know this. That is very cool.

“It’s a great film and people listen to it and it’s fantastic and hurrah, it’s just incredible to be a part of that, isn’t it?

“It’s such a good record though.

“I think I’m surprised how much it exploded.

“I heard the songs gradually when they were being played and sung when we were shooting and recording and rehearsing but I fell in love with them the first time I heard them.

“It doesn’t mean just because I love them it will be something fantastic but I’m happy it’s gone so well for everyone, because it’s incredible.

“It was a lot of effort and a lot of ambition that was put into it.”

Ferguson will next be seen in The Kid Who Would Be King, which is out now in UK cinemas.



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