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Redford swept away in All Is Lost

Robert Redford was given a warm welcome at the Cannes Film Festival as he promoted his new shipwreck drama All Is Lost.

The film, starring Redford, is a man-versus-nature tale about a lone sailor adrift on the Indian Ocean.

JC Chandor's movie has no dialogue, just a few lines of voiceover at the start and a couple of heartfelt expletives, but Redford said he was excited by "the challenge of being solitary, alone, without having the crutch of words".

The second feature from Margin Call director Chandor, All Is Lost is screening out of competition at Cannes, where both it and 76-year-old screen icon Redford got a warm reception on Wednesday.

The Independent newspaper declared the film "utterly compelling viewing" while Variety called Redford "superb".

Redford said: "I believe in the value of silence in film. I believe it in life as well, because there's a lot of talk around - maybe too much.

"Silence forces you as an actor to be completely inhabiting your role. If you're not, it's going to show. And that's an attractive challenge.

"It allows you to be totally free and unaware of everything around you except what you had to be aware of, which is the boat, the sea and the troubles that were coming."

Redford, himself the director of movies including Quiz Show and The Horse Whisperer, said he "really wanted to have an experience where I could give myself over completely to a director"

Chandor - who premiered Margin Call at Redford's Sundance Film Festival in 2011 - said he wrote the script with Redford in mind and relished stripping him of "his most beautiful tool besides the jawline - his voice".s


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