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Reed 'overwhelmed' by Twilight end

Nikki Reed has confessed that the end of the Twilight saga is "overwhelming".

The 24-year-old actress - who plays vampire Rosalie Cullen in the bloodsucking franchise - is getting ready to promote the final film, Breaking Dawn - Part 2, and admitted she is sad the whole experience has come to an end, reports E! Online.

She said: "I'm least excited about talking about it being over and coming to an end because it's actually a really sad thought and it's kind of an overwhelming thought.

"I love these movies and I love my character, I love my fans and the cast and all the directors."

Nikki, who recently tied the knot with former American Idol contestant Paul McDonald, also revealed she struggles to cope with the whirlwind press tours when she is promoting films because she would like to have more time to explore the countries she visits along the way.

She said: "The only time I feel really disappointed is when I get told I have to fly across the planet and go to a country for 24 hours.

"Then I feel really disappointed because I want to explore [the country]. I want to promote the movie, but I also want to see where I'm going and I want to meet the fans and I want to not just be ushered in and out of a hotel room and then be back on a plane to another place."


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