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Refn's telepathic bond with Gosling

Nicolas Winding Refn has revealed the key to working with Drive star Ryan Gosling - their telepathic bond.

Ryan, who stars in the gritty thriller as a stuntman, has described the Danish filmmaker as a "special filmmaker" and chose him specially to direct the big-screen adaptation of James Sallis' novel of the same name.

Nicolas said: "I don't have a secret, I think it's because of our telekinetic [sic] relationship. Ryan and I are very close - we're like one person but in two bodies. We can read each other's minds and we can communicate through alternative methods.

"And my wife likes him a lot, so it's a very interesting European marriage."

Ryan revealed the filmmaker "ignored" him on their first meeting because he was feeling ill.

But Nicolas explained: "It wasn't that I ignored him, I was just high as a kite so it was hard for me to have a conversation. I felt really bad.

"He was taking me back to my hotel and I was in such an emotional frenzy that I started crying, but it led to an idea for a movie for us to make. He was interested in a book called Drive by James Sallis about a stuntman in Los Angeles and everything came about in the car ride."

:: Drive is in cinemas now.


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