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Reiner: Film romances older crowd

Rob Reiner has joked about how his new film, And So It Goes, accommodates older audiences.

The Stand By Me filmmaker said the romantic comedy, starring Oscar winners Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton, is perfect for an ageing crowd because it has a shorter running time, allowing for toilet breaks.

"The beauty of this film, aside from the fact that Michael Douglas is brilliant and Diane Keaton is brilliant, is it only runs 90 minutes. So you can get to the bathroom - you don't have to wait!" he told the Hollywood Reporter.

Rob is also behind other films featuring an older cast such as The Bucket List (with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) and The Magic Of Belle Isle (with Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen).

Both Michael and Diane, who share the screen for the first time, attended the Hamptons premiere of the film, alongside a star-studded crowd including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Barbra Streisand, James Brolin, Martha Stewart and Howard Stern.

William Sadleir, the head of the film's distributor, Clarius Entertainment, said the film provides an adult alternative to the summer blockbusters catering for younger cinema-goers.

"There's been a major void created in the film business where filmmakers who have original content that's not based on a franchise, and also for audiences over the age of 17 who appreciate creative content over special effects, are no longer being satisfied in the film business," he said.

"It's been an honour to be able to work with filmmakers who have stayed true to [our] original cause... Rob has directed some of the most popular and influential movies of the past few decades."


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