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Ricky Tomlinson: Caroline Aherne still deserves a Bafta

The actor shared his love for his Royle Family daughter on the anniversary of her death.

Actor Ricky Tomlinson has called for the late Caroline Aherne to be awarded a posthumous Bafta.

His appeal marks a year since the death from cancer at the age of 52 of the actress who played his on-screen daughter in hit sitcom The Royle Family.

Tomlinson, 77, told the Mirror: “Bafta don’t often give out fellowships if you’re not alive – but if anyone deserves a special award from the British television industry, it’s Caroline.

Tomlinson and Aherne (centre) with the whole Royle Family in 2000 (Peter Jordan/PA)

“Everyone misses Caroline… Wherever I go or wherever I’m working, the first thing people say is, what was it like working with her?”

The pair worked on the show together for 14 years, with Tomlinson’s Jim regularly making light-hearted jibes at Aherne’s character Denise.

Aherne won three Baftas for the series between 2000 and 2007, as well as another in 1997 for Best Talk Show after creating The Mrs Merton Show.

Tomlinson told how he now keeps a portrait of Aherne – also known for her work on The Fast Show and for narrating Channel 4’s Gogglebox – hanging in his living room.

Tributes flooded in following the news of Aherne’s death last year, with many reminiscing over her vast repertoire of memorable quotes and sketches.

Aherne in London in 2001 (Fiona Hanson/PA)

Her “Scorchio” line, in the character of The Fast Show’s Latin American weather girl Poula Fisch, was among the favourites.

Fondly remembering their time in front of the camera together, Tomlinson continued: “She was absolutely perfect. She was so generous with the lines.

“You couldn’t ask for anything more and it was all down to Caroline. She called the shots.”


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