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River Phoenix's last film release

River Phoenix's final film is being finished, 18 years after the Hollywood star's sudden death.

Dutch director George Sluizer told The Hollywood Reporter that he plans to ask River's brother Joaquin to do the voiceover for River's character Boy.

River was filming the drama Dark Blood when he died of a heart attack on Halloween night outside the Viper Room in Los Angeles in 1993.

After his death, of an apparent drug overdose at the age of 23, the director took the original Dark Blood footage and kept it hidden fearing, he said, that it would be destroyed.

He has now re-edited the material and believes with a few adjustments, such as using a voice over, he can release the film next year.

The director, who has stayed in touch with the Phoenix family, told The Hollywood Reporter: "The voices of both brothers are very much alike."

In Dark Blood, River, who starred in Stand By Me, The Mosquito Coast, My Own Private Idaho, Sneakers, and Running On Empty, plays a hermit living in the desert on a nuclear testing site as he waits for the end of the world.

When a Hollywood jet-set couple, played by Judy Davis and Jonathan Pryce, arrives to find shelter, his character begins a troubled relationship with the wife.


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