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Roach prepares for her royal role

Alexandra Roach has joked she'll "lock herself away in a shed" to master her portrayal of the Queen for an upcoming film.

The Welsh actress, fresh from portraying a young Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, will play the monarch as a teen in Girls' Night Out.

"It's another iconic British character. I get to do a lot of research as well and concentrate on the voice. I'm just going to lock myself away in a shed and prepare!" she said.

When asked if she was worried what the Queen would think of her performance, Alexandra replied: "I think it's a wonderful, lovely story and I think she'll enjoy it. Hopefully she'll go and see it."

The actress admitted her role in high-profile film The Iron Lady was "opening a lot of doors".

"It's a bit mental, to be honest, but I'm just taking it all in my stride. It's been such an exciting project to be a part of," she added.

"I've had a lot of exciting meetings and just people getting my name out there."


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