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Rock: Delpy kept rowing with dad

Chris Rock has revealed it was a chaotic set on Julie Delpy's new comedy 2 Days In New York, because she kept rowing with her dad.

The Madagascar star plays Mingus in the film, directed and written by Julie, who lives with French artist Marion (Julie) when her father, played by Julie's real dad Albert Delpy, comes to visit them in New York.

Chris said: "It was a little chaotic working with Julie and her dad. They would have real fights, like real father/daughter fights. In French. So that was kind of funny."

The comedian also admitted being the only person on the set who didn't speak French wasn't always easy.

He said: "It was fun. I mean it was a little confusing, don't get me wrong. I couldn't understand anything anybody was saying.

"But hey, the movie's really funny, so it worked."

The film is a sequel to 2 Days In Paris, and sees Julie's character Marion grown up, with a serious relationship and a son.

The working mother found it easy to see humour in family life. Julie said: "Family is crazy, because people stay together and live together and when you live together there's arguments, and all sorts of problems arise.

"Every family is kind of dysfunctional a little bit."

::2 Days In New York opens on Friday May 18, 2012.


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