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Rogen: Green Hornet was a blast

Seth Rogen has revealed he derived weeks of pleasure watching stuff get blown up for The Green Hornet.

"It was amazing to watch on a daily basis," the comic actor revealed at the film's world premiere in LA.

"As someone who just likes watching explosions - I was trying to think if there is an intelligent way to put that but no there isn't - I just like watching explosions!" he confessed.

In the movie Seth plays Britt Reid, the son of a wealthy newspaper publisher, who secretly becomes masked crime fighter The Green Hornet.

The 28-year-old Knocked Up star got his first real taste of stunt work to try and pull off some superhero-worthy moves.

"I got a few bumps and bruises - mostly my own fault because I'm uncoordinated," Seth admitted.

He joked: "It was hard to get a stuntman to match the extreme nature of my movements, so I had to do it myself for continuity purposes."


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