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Rogen wants Bad Neighbours sequel

Seth Rogen has hinted that there might be a sequel to his film Bad Neighbours.

The comedy, which stars Seth and Rose Byrne as a couple with a young baby whose lives are disrupted when a rowdy fraternity led by Zac Efron moves in next door, has gone down a storm at the box office and the actor said he is already considering a follow up, reported Variety.

Speaking at a conference in the US, Seth said: "We (producing partners Evan Goldberg and James Weaver) are having a lot of discussions."

The star, who was discussing his producing career at the event, added: "Getting a movie made is far harder than making a movie. Getting the money is the hardest thing."

Seth also suggested that he would continue to focus on lower-budget films and comedies.

He recalled that he and Evan didn't enjoy 2011 superhero film The Green Hornet, saying: "We learned not to make 200 million dollar movies.

"It's more fun working on stuff that makes me laugh all day," he added.


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