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Rogen won't be Knocked Up again

Seth Rogen has explained why he won't be resuming his role in the Knocked Up spin-off.

The Canadian actor appeared opposite Katherine Heig, Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann in the 2007 film, directed by Judd Apatow.

Seth told that he won't be in the new movie, set for release next year, which stars Paul and Leslie, and is expected to focus on their characters.

He said: "Yeah I'm not in it, but I went to visit the set and it looked hilarious."

The star said it made sense for him not to be in the film, currently known as This Is Forty, because involving his character would cause confusion.

"It was a good choice, honestly, because I think it would've confused people," he said.

"But I'm really looking forward to seeing it; I thought the script was unbelievably funny."

This Is Forty is also set to feature Megan Fox and Jason Segel.


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