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Rogen 'wounded' by film portrayal

Seth Rogen has admitted he felt "just a little" wounded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt's impersonation of him in 50/50.

The Knocked Up star plays the best friend of a cancer patient (Joseph) in the new film, which includes a scene where Joseph's character mimics his pal.

"That was just an improvised thing. I think most people after spending a few weeks on the set with me develop an impression of me," the funnyman told New York Magazine's Vulture blog.

But the star added: "I'd be lying if I said it didn't sting just a little bit."

The movie is based on the story of Seth's good friend Will Reiser's fight with cancer, and the actor confessed he struggled to accept the reality of the situation.

"I kind of aggressively sought to view the positive side of things, probably to an insensitive point, you know?" he revealed.

"So there was no moment where I looked at Will and was like, 'Let's talk about it seriously'. That never happened.

"It was always just - we would make jokes about it. Literally one of the biggest jokes we had was we would think of what the funny cancer movie would be. That was what we would joke about at a bar. 'Oh, maybe you meet a girl with leprosy, and it's a comedy'."


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