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Rogen's comedy draws laughs at SXSW

Seth Rogen's new film Neighbours had the audience in stitches as it premiered at SXSW.

A nearly complete cut of the comedy - about a couple (Seth and Rose Byrne) whose peaceful life is ruined when a fraternity moves in next door - was screened at South By Southwest to a sold-out crowd.

Variety reported that Seth spoke to the audience and explained that his inspiration for a series of car airbag pranks came from YouTube videos.

"There is a zero per cent survival rate and we thought it was so funny we put it in the movie 17 times, but don't do it to your friends," he said.

The film's stars Zac Efron, who plays the fraternity's president, Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse also attended the event in Texas.

Discussing the shoot, Dave told the audience he had fun filming one of the saucier scenes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

He said: "My favourite interaction with the director Nick Stoller was during my awkward sex scene. I did the first couple takes and Nick ran upstairs and he leans in and he's like, 'Hey Dave, just, uh, like, more jack rabbit'."

After the movie, Zac told the audience: "We will take it back to college tonight," and people then headed to the after party at a bar that had been decked out to look like a frat house.

However, Zac - who completed a stint in rehab in 2013 for unspecified reasons - wasn't seen at the bash.


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