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Roger Moore 'still has it at 84'

Sir Roger Moore "still has it" at 84, according to his A Princess For Christmas co-star Charlotte Salt.

Casualty actress Charlotte plays alongside Moore, Katie McGrath and Sam Heughan in the Christmas tale, and said that she was totally charmed by the James Bond actor.

She said: "Roger Moore still kinda had it, weirdly, even though he's nearly 90! And he's really naughty, he's like, 'Well darling, did I tell you about the time I was in...?' He was so charming. If you have charisma you always have it, I guess."

Merlin star Katie added: "He is so composed when he flirts. He brought his wife to set and the two of them flirt like 15-year-olds. It's so sweet to see."

The actress said theirs was the must-watch Christmas film.

"Ours is the only one that has James Bond, I reckon that's probably why it stands out," she told Digital Spy.


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