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Roisin Conaty: I felt pressure creating second series of GameFace

The sitcom is returning later this month.

Roisin Conaty (Ian West/PA)
Roisin Conaty (Ian West/PA)

Roisin Conaty has said she felt under pressure when it came to creating a second series of GameFace.

The comedian, 40, both writes and stars in the sitcom about a woman trying to make it as an actress, which premiered on E4 in 2017 and is returning for a new series on Channel 4.

Asked whether it was easier the second time around, she said: “I think it was just as hard, for different reasons.

“When you’ve established the characters, you could go any way with them. I thought it would be easier, the second series, but I didn’t find it easier, at all.”

Roisin Conaty (Victoria Jones/PA)

“I felt pressure,” she added.

“And I suppose, the planning… I have a whiteboard, I tried to do more what I’ve read people on the internet do when they write shows.

“And none of the storylines on the whiteboards are in the show, so I think I have to leave a bit of room for chaos if you know what I mean, in a good way.”

GameFace returns to Channel 4 on Wednesday July 17.



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