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Romantic uncertainty looms again for Love Island’s Laura and Jack

Tuesday night’s show will see a few of the islanders questioning their romantic connections.

Another bout of heartbreak could be on the horizon for Love Island’s Laura Anderson as tensions rise between her and current flame, Jack Fowler.

The couple recently called time on their romance over a controversial kiss between Jack and Georgia Steel, but were soon back in each other’s arms.

In Tuesday night’s episode of the ITV2 series, they come to blows over a comment Jack reportedly makes to Sam Bird.

During Monday night’s instalment, Georgia and Sam opted to split up and become single in the Love Island villa, rather than go home as a couple.

There was a further shake-up when four new people – two boys and two girls – were introduced into the villa on the same day.

Laura becomes agigated on hearing from Georgia that Jack said he would have done the same thing if he had been in that position.

She confronts Jack, saying: “Just quickly, I just wanted to know, Georgia’s just come up to me and said that you said to Sam that if you were in their situation today, you would 100% stay. I just think it’s stupid for you to say that to Sam.”

Wes and Megan from Love Island (REX).

Jack explains his comments by saying he told Sam that to “comfort him a little bit”.

Following their exchange, Jack later turns to Laura’s villa ex, Wes Nelson, for love advice.

Wes and Laura were one of the original couples to get together, but things went sour when he left Laura for stripper Megan Barton-Hanson.

Wes tells Jack: “You can’t kid yourself who you’re attracted to. I know you’re attracted to Laura, but if you’re more attracted to someone else, you’re more attracted to someone else. It’s not about security, it’s about finding what you want. Finding what you want will give you the security. If I was still with Laura now, I wouldn’t be here. I wasn’t unhappy but I could have been happier, and I was right. Don’t waste your time. It’s about how you feel.”

Laura deflects her anger from Jack when Dani Dyer and make-up artist Alexandra Cane try to play matchmaker between her and one of the new villa men, 31-year-old Paul Knops.

Laura vents in the Beach Hut, saying: “Alexandra and Dani are coming up to me, trying to push me in the direction of Paul. I’m like, ‘I’m happy with Jack and I don’t really need to be jumping ship.’ I just don’t really feel the need for it and I just want people to shut up.”

Newbie Stephanie Lam, who entered the show on Monday night, tries to strike up a conversation with Laura’s Jack, but the pair are interrupted by Laura.

Meanwhile, Wes and Megan have both been hit by Cupid’s bow as they mutually declare their love for each other.

Medical doctor Alex George looks set for a love shake-up as he admits that Monday’s newcomer, surfer Laura Crane, has caught his eye.

He reflects on whether or not to tell his current fling, Alexandra, about his mixed emotions, while Alexandra shares her own doubts with Laura.

Alexandra tells Laura: “I feel like since the new people have come into the villa, I feel like Alex has just been quite distant.

“I just feel like that connection has maybe fizzled out. I just don’t know if it’s going to work out.”

Love Island continues on ITV2.


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