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Rosamund Pike: Cruise is so giving

Rosamund Pike has described Tom Cruise as "generous".

The former Bond girl is about to start shooting alongside the Hollywood star in One Shot, and said her audition was very "relaxed".

"I'm about to go off and do One Shot and I've very excited about it because he's another great actor. He's the biggest movie star in the world," she said.

"Tom is, from my experience of meeting him, so giving and so generous and so engaged. He doesn't have to be... It was an audition process, and it was like being in the most relaxed rehearsal room with one of the greats."

Rosamund, who currently stars with Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English Reborn, admitted she's glad about her co-stars.

"I feel very, very lucky to be working with some great people. But he's again giving. I mean, you don't want to work with a******* in this business, you want to work with nice people."

The British actress will play lawyer Helen Rodin in the big-screen adaptation of Lee Child's series of Jack Reacher novels.

"I'm relishing the opportunity to play a lawyer and make her different from the lawyer I played in Fracture because I feel that there's a tremendous sort of cliche in the way that female lawyers are portrayed," she explained.

"I'm interested now in finding a kind of real woman lawyer, who doesn't have time to do her hair. Whether I'm allowed to do it is another thing."


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