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Rosamund: Women get boring roles

Rosamund Pike believes attractive actresses are often offered pointless roles just for their looks.

The British star and former Bond girl - who is among the cast of new British comedy Made In Dagenham, which tells the true story of a protest which snowballed and led to a revolution in equal pay for women - believes there is still inequality in the film industry for women.

Rosamund said: "I think often the roles - you get an exciting script, especially in America, and it's a fantastic director and a fantastic cast, and it's the part of somebody's wife and you're quite excited about it. Then you read the script and you just think 'Oh God, there's nothing to do - this woman doesn't even exist.'

"She's just some sort of fantasy in some writer's mind. She's just too perfect or just doesn't speak out or doesn't really act in way that you find convincing."

The An Education star said Made In Dagenham was the opposite, as the women's story was told through their characters - and she hopes it will inspire women to continue to fight for equality in the workplace.

She said: "I think women should have the courage to fight for what they need and it's not privileges, as Sally says in the film, it's rights.

"I think men are higher earners in the film industry than women. Certainly behind the camera, it's still very male dominated. It was wonderful that a woman won the Best Director Oscar last year but that's very rare. There are fewer female directors that there are men, for whatever reason. I'm not an expert but it's certainly a male-dominated industry."

::Made In Dagenham is released on Friday, October 1.


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