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Ross Noble to star in killer comedy

Comedian Ross Noble has revealed he is starring in a new film he describes as "Saw meets the Chuckle Brothers".

The Have I Got News For You star is making his movie debut in a comedy horror about a dead children's entertainer who kills people he once entertained as children.

Ross explained: "Roughly, I'm a kids' entertainer who hates kids and at this party, a bunch of children kill me by accident, then years later I come back and start bumping them off. I know how that sounds but it's not what you're picturing. It's hard to describe it.

"I'll get better at this before it comes out. I suppose it's Saw meets the Chuckle Brothers, but I'm now picturing Saw meeting the Chuckle Brothers, and it's not like that, so I don't know. It will be good, though."

The stand-up comedian, who is used to touring the country and appearing on panel shows, is enjoying branching out into acting.

He said: "I'm liking doing a bit of acting. I might do a bit more of that kind of thing, if I think I can do it well."

Ross' DVD, Headspace Cowboy, is available to buy now.


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