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R-Patz sets Cosmopolis challenge

Robert Pattinson has called on all his Twilight fans to help his new film Cosmopolis have a bigger opening weekend at the box office than The Dark Knight Rises.

The new Batman film made 289 million dollars in its first 10 days in cinemas last month. But R-Patz's new art house drama, directed by David Cronenberg, is getting a limited release in cinemas, making it a challenge even for the most dedicated of Twihards.

Robert joked on The Daliy Show with Jon Stewart: "There is one thing, if any Twilight fans are tuned in. I genuinely want to make Cosmopolis have a bigger opening weekend than The Dark Knight Rises. But the problem is [that] it's only released in six cinemas. It's gonna be a challenge."

The 26-year-old British actor also praised director Cronenberg. Asked if the experimental director is an "odd duck", Robert enthused: "Absolutely not, the opposite. He's the sweetest man in the whole world."

Robert is proud of Cosmopolis, based on the Don DeLillo novel of the same name, but struggled to describe it.

He said: "I don't think you can give away the plot, I think it's impossible, trying to explain what the movie's about is physically impossible.

"It's a very kind of eccentric [film], it's one of the only things I'll ever do where I can say, 'I don't think this will ever be made again', or, 'It hasn't been made before'. Regardless of how people see it, at least it's something new."


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