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Rudd, Poehler poke fun at romcoms

Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler have made fun of romantic comedies with their latest film, They Came Together.

The pair star as a sweet shop owner and a corporate businessman, who fall in love in the comedy spoof, which jokingly refers to the plot in You've Got Mail.

Paul, who starred in romcoms like Clueless and This Is 40, told the Hollywood Reporter: "It seems like I've played a version of this in movies that were not mocking it. The trick was I was just going to play it as seriously as I could and hopefully blow it up a little bit without biting the hand that feeds me."

Amy, who described the film as "an homage to romantic comedies", enjoyed playing the leading lady.

"I had a lot of fun with playing the kind of quirky, klutzy girl," she said. "She's really caring, and she runs a candy shop, and she doesn't charge anybody."

Paul showed his sense of humour, when he pretended to storm off during the post-screening Q&A after someone asked whether parts of They Came Together were inspired by Clueless.

Director David Wain said he and co-screenwriter Michael Showalter wanted to spoof romantic comedies and their cliches.

"Part of our goal was not to focus on referencing specific movies as targets of satire but more the genre in general and storytelling or movie-telling in general because we don't want it to be something that's dated next year," the filmmaker said.

He also joked that Paul and Amy weren't his first choice.

"Amy and Paul said, 'Can we be in it?' And I said, 'No, you're mid-level. When you get to the top of the A-list, then we can talk about it'," he quipped.


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