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Russell Kane: I’ve had counselling sessions for internet addiction

The comedian said he is not in control of how he uses his phone.

Russell Kane has said he is having counselling for internet addiction.

The comedian said he is no longer in control of how he uses his phone so has sought help.

Speaking on his podcast, Boys Don’t Cry with Russell Kane, he said: “I’ll throw something out there. I’ve had six counselling sessions for internet addiction. Six, because it’s affecting my life.

“I haven’t shared this publicly, in fact I don’t think my mum even knows this.

“I was getting in, say from a gig, going back on a Sunday morning, and all my family’s arrived to a barbecue and I’ll go and get changed.

“But I wasn’t just going up there to get changed, I was going up there because I wanted to refresh my socials and have a few minutes on the phone.

“That is like someone going to the bathroom to do coke.

“I am no longer in control of how I’m using that machine.”

Kane, 42, is due to perform at Leopallooza in Bude, Cornwall, on Friday and will appear on Love Island: Aftersun in Majorca on Sunday.


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