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Russell Kane says he would have postponed his wedding for a big gig

The comedian is set to host an innovative Facebook Live topical show, during which “anything could happen”.


Stand-up star Russell Kane has said his family life often takes a back seat to comedy, and that his wife was once forced to go on holiday without him while he worked.

Russell praised his wife Lindsey for her support in frequently letting him change their plans at the last minute, and revealed that he would have put their wedding on hold if an unmissable job opportunity came up.

The award-winning comic and TV star told the Press Association: “We can’t plan anything. Every holiday we have to book flexible flights.


“Last year after doing two legs of tour, I thought I’d treat myself to the Maldives, a proper luxury holiday. I was really looking forward to it.

“Then I picked up a gig two months before and I had to miss half the holiday. Lindsey went on her own, she was in the Maldives on her own for three nights.”

Russell said that Lindsey, who he married in 2014 and with whom he has a young daughter, “gets it” and is a supporter of his ever-changing career.

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He said: “She gets it. The more bums on seats, the nicer the holidays.”


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Russell said even their wedding was in the potential firing line: “When we were getting married, we put our wedding date in the diary, and I said to Lindsey, you do realise if something came up a month before, we’d have to postpone the wedding?

“If Martin Scorsese phoned me and said, ‘You’re in my movie’, Lindsey would be the one pulling the wedding herself.

“You’ve got to both be on the same page. It’s the other way round, too – she’s got a beauty business that has exploded out of nowhere. It would be exactly the same the other way around, I’d tell her to chase the opportunity.”

Russell said: “Comedy is my number one focus.

“It’s not that I don’t adore and worship the ground my 18-month-old daughter walks on and love Lindsey, it’s just that without that central core purpose I think everything else would just fall apart.”

As well as his current Right Man, Wrong Age UK tour, the comedian is set to host a no holds barred Facebook Live show in front of a studio audience inspired by his popular Kaneing videos on Monday night, with a panel including Janet Street-Porter and comic Katherine Ryan.

Russell said he will probably discuss the latest political goings-on during the 45-minute show, but that he also hopes to touch on topics such as drunk Brits abroad, gender fluidity in schools and Diane Abbott’s maths.

The show will see him perform three of his Kaneing-style stand-up rants – which he posts every few days online and which sometimes garner up to 2.5 million views – before discussing the topic with his panel.

Russell hopes to appeal to an international audience, particularly if he talks Donald Trump, but he admits he has no idea how the live show will go.

He said: “Anything could happen. It could go wrong, it could go right – I have no f****** idea!”

:: The Kaneing Live will be broadcast at 9pm on Monday May 22 on Russell Kane’s Facebook page, at www.facebook.com/officalrussellkane

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