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Russo: Gyllenhaal should direct

Rene Russo has admitted she was a little unenthusiastic when her writer-director husband asked her to star in his latest film.

The Thor actress was partner Dan Gilroy's first choice to play local TV veteran Nina in new movie Nightcrawler and h er performance is already garnering talk of an Oscar nomination. But, she revealed, her reaction to her husband's suggestion was initially a rather underwhelmed one.

"I was like, 'Yeah, OK'," she recalled. "Not that I didn't believe it was going to be good, it's just so hard to get films off the ground."

The movie examines the power of local television news to perpetuate the myth of urban crime seeping into the suburbs, and stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom, a drifter who stumbles across LA's dark world of so-called "nightcrawlers".

A motley crew of freelance stringers, armed with fast cars, video cameras and police scanners, they prowl the city looking for violence and mayhem which they can film and flog to local TV networks.

Lou's ascent in the TV realm is aided by Nina and Rene, 60, has no doubt her character knows exactly what she's getting herself into. "She's a businesswoman, so it's game on!"

Despite sharing intense scenes together, she and Jake "didn't hang out", but she's full of praise for the actor who was Oscar-nominated for his role in Brokeback Mountain.

"It's very difficult for an actor to walk the tightrope he had to walk with all the colours that he had to put in it, and he did it seamlessly. He was charming but he was creepy; is Lou a psychopath, is he not a psychopath?" she said.

"Acting's like playing tennis; the better your partner is, the better you are. And Jake was so unbelievably good. He should be a director; he'd be a really good director."

:: Nightcrawler is in cinemas now.


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