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Ruth and Harry got in Western mood

Ruth Wilson has said she and her Lone Ranger co-star Harry Treadaway learned about Westerns together.

The Luther actress said she was already old friends with fellow Brit Harry and they would get together to learn more about the culture of Westerns.

She said: "Harry I've known for years, he went to drama school with me, so it was really nice to have a sort of comrade in arms on the set and someone that you've got a friendship with already."

Ruth revealed director Gore Verbinski had made some Western-themed playlists to get his Brit stars in the right frame of mind for playing cowboys.

She said: "We shared documentaries and we listened to music and Gore made me a CD of music that was inspired by Westerns, Johnny Cash etc, so we would just sit and listen to this stuff and Harry would play his guitar.

"We shared a lot of information and books and talked about it, spoke to each other in the accents, and it was great having him there, it was really good."

The Lone Ranger, which also stars Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, is out in cinemas now.


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