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Ruth busts husband Eamonn Holmes 'cracking on' with Love Island's Laura

The TV star made a video responding to Laura’s crush on him.

Laura admitted to having a crush on Eamonn Holmes (PA)
Laura admitted to having a crush on Eamonn Holmes (PA)

Eamonn Holmes made a surprise appearance on the Love Island reunion show after finalist Laura Anderson confessed to having a crush on him.

Laura was being interviewed by Caroline Flack on the one-off special, when her crush on Holmes came up.

Flack played a clip from the series of Laura saying she liked the look of the TV star and Holmes then appeared on a video, and said: “Hello Laura, Eamonn here.

“Thank you very much indeed for your lovely words of admiration towards me. You made an old man very happy, I have to say.

“But talking about being happy, I’m happily married to the lovely Ruth (Langsford). Well I say lovely Ruth, she’s not lovely all the time but that’s a whole other question.

“The big question is, could I be happier? Because it’s times like this Laura, times like this that you need to follow your heart.”

Langsford then walked in asking: “What are you doing? Are you cracking on with that Laura one? Because you know I’m loyal, babes.”

Holmes replied: “I’m so loyal, babes.”

Langsford then warns him: “Don’t mug me off on here.”

The reunion show saw all 38 of the contestants return to talk about life after the villa.

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